Filr Premium v1.2.2 – Secure Your Upload Files With Protected Link [Activated]


Download Filr Premium – Secure Your Upload Files With Protected Link Activated at GPLBase. The easy way to build and display secure document libraries in WordPress. Upload files, share secure links or use the Shortcode to display an awesome document library.

Frontend Uploader

Let users upload files directly from the frontend. Customize the uploader, limit by user and manage add rules for the upload.

Folder Management

Manage your files within folders and get maximum control of how files are displayed and structed within a library.

External Files

Add external files to a Filr library with ease. Simply change the file mode, paste in the external URL and Filr handles the rest.

Directory Protection

Simple and reliable protection for your download directory. Global and per download – there’s no way around.

Expired by Date

Expire files by date. Set an end date and let Filr manage the tracking and expiration for you. It it’s additionally handled via Cron-job to ensure it’s on point.


Encrypt your file names automatically at your upload, activate it later or revert it entirely – your choice.

Zip File

When you upload multiple files at one, Filr automatically creates a zip file and generates a matching download link for you.

Expire by Downloads

Expire files by the number of downloads. An indicator in the file overview shows you the remaining downloads so you can easily keep track on them.

Limit User and User Role

You can limit the access to a user or an entire user role directly within a file. Users will only see the allowed files within the shortcode.

File Cleaner

An automatic file cleaner makes sure that only your desired files are in your directory. It checks the status every time you edit, open or modify a file.


Customize the shortcode within the settings. Add columns, disable them, reorder them – it’s up to you how Filr will showcase your documents and files.


Let users search, sort and filter within your document library. Neat SVG icons, a responsive design and straight-forward best-practices make it awesome on any device.

  • File Version: v1.2.2
  • Updated on: January 6th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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