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FlexiBlocks HTML SiteTemplate is a set of React and Gatsby JS-powered multi-purpose landing pages. Our objective is to create templates that are both visually appealing and easily adaptable in a variety of ways.

  • Version of the file: 3.5.0
  • Updated on: August 24, 2021
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FlexiBlocks HTML SiteTemplate is a set of React and Gatsby JS-powered multi-purpose landing pages. Our objective is to create templates that are both visually appealing and easily adaptable in a variety of ways.

To provide maximum flexibility, FlexiBlocks HTML Template Gatsby templates are designed with extremely flexible hook-based React blocks.

The GraphQL data layer connects each template to a collection of JSON files, which govern the appearance and content of the template’s blocks. The data props provided to the React Blocks can produce a variety of layouts.

FlexiBlocks templates are lightning-fast static sites that you can upload to Netlify, Vercel, Github, Firebase, and Amazon S3 as well as standard hosting services.

Gatsby v3 is now compatible with FlexiBlocks.

Modular React Blocks

For website development, Gatsby employs React. React is a component-based toolkit for creating user interfaces. In GatsbyJS, React components are entirely presentation-focused chunks of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code that can be reused, shared, and combined to create pages and templates.

You’ll get 30+ versatile and modular React blocks with hooks in FlexiBlocks (no outdated class components).

Based on the props provided to them, these blocks may produce an infinite number of different layouts. The content and stylistic settings are stored in the props, which are retrieved from JSON files using GatsbyJS’s sophisticated GraphQL data layer. The modular blocks have no hard-coded text, and you may use JSON files to feed them your own unique data.

Pre-built Gatsby Landing Pages

You’ll get a variety of pre-made templates with FlexiBlocks Template ThemeForest, including templates for startups, fintech and payment startups, consulting agencies, marketing agencies, SEO services, SaaS (software-as-a-service), and mobile app landing pages.

All pre-made templates are bundled into a single Gatsby beginning for convenience of use when developing, and can be turned off with a theme choice throughout the creation stage. With only one Gatsby command at the terminal, the sample site may be started.

Of course, you aren’t restricted to the pre-made themes; you may create your own by combining the modular React pieces.

Beautiful and Professional Landing Pages

We are enthusiastic about design, contemporary frameworks, and best practices at the Elegant Stack studio. Our objective at FlexiBlocks is to provide attractive designs to the GatsbyJS framework. Gatsby is an open-source React framework with built-in speed, scalability, and security.

GatsbyJS is a great way to create fast, scalable websites, and you can use FlexiBlocks templates to add professionally designed pages to your GatsbyJS site.

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