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  • Version of the file: 3.9.0
  • Updated on: March 11th, 2022
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Download FlexiBlog – React Gatsby Multipurpose Blog Theme is a fully functioning multi-purpose blog theme with a variety of page layouts, powered by React and Gatsby JS v3. You’re not restricted to local Markdown files with FlexiBlog HTML React theme also supports Contentful CMS, Strapi CMS, Netlify CMS, and Sanity CMS for writing blog entries. The theme also includes essential services like the Algolia search engine, Mailchimp newsletter provider, and Disqus commenting system.

Customization is easy with the modular React-powered framework, and you can quickly alter any page or component in the template with Gatsby’s Component Shadowing functionality. The end result is a lightning-fast, SEO-friendly static site that you can use with modern hosting services like Netlify, Vercel, Github, Firebase, and Amazon S3 as well as traditional hosting services.

Gatsby v3 is now compatible with FlexiBlog.

Modular React Components

For website development, Gatsby employs React. React is a component-based toolkit for creating user interfaces. In GatsbyJS, React components are entirely presentation-focused chunks of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code that can be reused, shared, and combined to create pages and templates. You are not restricted to the pre-built templates in FlexiBlog. We’ve built a React-based UI framework that you can use to quickly construct a GatsbyJS blog template with your own layout. You can mix and match the components we’ve supplied to create an entirely distinct and unique blog template.

Pre-built Gatsby Templates

Multiple pre-made themes for various use-cases are included with FlexiBlog, including agency blog, education, medical, personal, fashion and beauty, scientific, news/magazine, and two basic blog designs. All pre-made designs have a Gatsby starter, allowing you to rapidly set up a new blog site with only one terminal command. Of course, you may use the templates for various reasons, and if you require a custom layout, you can utilize our React components to create your own.

Developer Friendly

We developed FlexiBlog with developers in mind, according to the GatsbyJS team’s recommended conventions and standards so you can use GatsbyJS methods like Component Shadowing with ease. You may simply change our Gatsby theme by overriding Theme-UI variables without sacrificing style consistency thanks to the Theme-UI library. The FlexiBlog template is a monorepo, and all packages follow a consistent naming policy that is handled by Yarn Workspaces, allowing you to create your site without the hassle of managing many remote packages.

Data Sources

Gatsby’s fundamental feature of sourcing data from anywhere makes it a strong static site generator. We wanted to take use of this functionality in the FlexiBlog GatsbyJS theme, so we included support for different data sources including Contentful CMS, Strapi CMS, Netlify CMS, Sanity CMS, and File System Markdown files with MDX support.

Value-added 3rd Party Integrations

JAMStack is a revolutionary approach to developing websites and apps that provides improved speed, security, scalability, and developer experience. We’ve included optional but necessary elements in our Gatsby theme for developing your blog with free third-party APIs. You’ll get a live, quick search experience on your blog thanks to Algolia’s integration. Your site visitors may participate in conversations about your articles using Disqus, and you can strengthen your relationship with your readers by using MailChimp to keep them informed about new article releases.

Pre-made Gatsby Pages

Download FlexiBlog Template comes with pre-made and beautifully designed GatsbyJS pages:

  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • Various article page layouts
  • Author profile page
  • Team members page
  • Category list page
  • Tag list page
  • About page
  • Contact form page
  • 404 page

More Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • Social Sharing Integration
  • Table Of Contents (TOC) Widget
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Dark Mode
  • Adaptive Images
  • Page Transition Animation
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Easy Font Swapping
  • Post Slideshow
  • Related Articles
  • And more…