GPT AI Power: Complete AI Pack Pro v1.7.45 GPL


Download GPT AI Power: Complete AI Pack Pro GPL 100% Working at GPLBase. GPT AI Power is a comprehensive AI plugin for WordPress that generates customisable content, graphics, forms, and more using advanced technologies such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and DaVinci. It has an AI-powered Content Writer, Image Generator, ChatGPT for chatbot building, WooCommerce integration, Embeddings, and many other features. You may use GPT AI Power to optimise your content for search engines, experiment with GPT models in the Playground, and benefit from its support for 40 languages.

  • File Version: v1.7.45
  • Updated on: August 5th, 2023
  • License: GPL (No need for Key)
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What is GPT AI Power?

GPT AI Power is a WordPress ChatGPT plugin. It employs powerful AI models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. It generates material, graphics, and forms that can be customized. Chat bots, Pexels, WooCommerce connection, Speech-to-Post, and a Model Comparison Tool are among the other features.

Your All-in-One AI Solution for WordPress

This plugin gives you access to the power of powerful natural language processing technology. Our plugin provides a variety of capabilities to enhance your WordPress site, ranging from article generating to bespoke chat bots.

  • Automatic Content
  • Fully Customizable AI Forms
  • Automatic Images
  • WooCommerce Product Writer
  • AI SEO Tools
  • AI Suggestions
  • Content Generation from RSS
  • Custom ChatGPT
  • Content Generation from Google Sheets
  • Integrated AI Assistant

Easy to Setup​

GPT AI Power installation is quick and straightforward. You only need to enter your OpenAI API key on the plugin settings page to enjoy all of the capabilities.

After entering your API key, you may begin creating content, using the title suggestion tool, translating audio to text, using the semantic search option, and comparing various GPT models. There is no complicated installation procedure or technical skills necessary.

Clean, & Simple User Interface

GPT AI Power is a clean and easy user interface that allows you to access all of the WordPress plugin’s functions from a single control panel.

The basic design guarantees that customers can quickly find the items they require without being overwhelmed by extraneous clutter. The interface also includes helpful tooltips and clear labelling to help users navigate the plugin’s functionality.

Get Excellent Assistance with Our AI Chatbot, Lisa.

Lisa, our ChatGPT-powered chatbot, provides excellent service to our users. Lisa is always ready to help you with your queries or problems because she is smart and pleasant.

Lisa can answer your questions, offer advice, and walk you through the plugin’s capabilities. Lisa is immediately accessible via our website’s chat widget, making it simple for you to get the assistance you require.

Key Features of Express mode:

  • Supports 41 languages
  • Customizable number of headings (1-15)
  • Offers 44 writing styles and 24 tones
  • Ability to add introductions, conclusions, and taglines
  • Adjustable heading tags (H1-H6)
  • Integration with OpenAI’s DALL-E and Pexels for image insertion
  • Option to modify headings before generating content
  • Anchor text and Call-to-Action support
  • Table of Contents generation
  • Integration with Yoast SEO, Rank Math and All In One SEO