Jannah v6.2.0 – Best Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP [Activated]


Download Jannah GPL – Best Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP GPL Activated at GPLBase. Jannah WordPress Theme has Content Marketing covered with 100% fresh responsive designs, fully amazing new features, complete 1-click website demos & free updates.

In other words, Jannah is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme that is perfect for creating a newspaper or magazine website. With its built-in BuddyPress integration, it allows for easy social networking and community building. Additionally, its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compatibility ensures that your site will load quickly and seamlessly on mobile devices, providing a smooth user experience for your readers.

The theme also includes a variety of customization options, allowing you to create a unique and professional-looking site that perfectly represents your brand. Overall, Jannah is the ideal choice for anyone looking to build a high-quality news or magazine website.

  • Version of the file: 6.2.0
  • Updated on: April 19th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)


Jannah Theme GPL offers a refreshing look at desktop publishing in today’s age of content marketing. She flips the script with stunning design, modern sharing options, and integration of popular extensions for WordPress.

Changelog Jannah WordPress Theme

= 6.2.0 – 2023-04-07 =

– New: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2.
– New: Twitter widget that doesn’t require API keys.
– New: 15 new Arabic Google Web Fonts.
– New: 2 new inline article ad spaces.
– New: Italian language.
– New: Option to set the “theme-color” meta tag to the primary color of the website instead of the header color.
– New: Option to set a custom color for the “theme-color” meta tag.
– Updated: TieLabs Instagram Feed plugin.
– Fix: Duplicated underline appears under the post titles if the “Underline Global text links on hover” is enabled and the “Post title hover style” option is set to “Modern”.
– Fix: PHP notices with PHP 8.2.
– Fix: Social Icons color in the Top nav.
– And other improvements and minor bug fixes.

# Files Updated
– functions.php
– style.css
– assets/css/style.css
– assets/css/style.min.css
– assets/css/widgets.css
– assets/css/widgets.min.css
– framework/admin/assets/tie.js
– framework/admin/framework-admin.php
– framework/admin/classes/class-tielabs-settings.php
– framework/admin/theme-options/e3lan.php
– framework/admin/theme-options/styling.php
– framework/classes/class-tielabs-advertisment.php
– framework/classes/class-tielabs-mega-menu.php
– framework/classes/class-tielabs-styles.php
– framework/functions/formatting.php
– framework/functions/general-functions.php
– framework/functions/post-functions.php
– framework/plugins/amp-templates/style.php
– framework/widgets/twitter-embedded.php
– framework/widgets/twitter.php
– framework/widgets/weather.php
– inc/custom-styles.php
– inc/help-links.php
– inc/updates.php
– inc/widgets.php
– languages/it_IT.po
– languages/
– templates/videos-list.php

= 6.1.1 – 2023-01-12 =

  • Improvements and minor bug fixes.

# Files Updated

  • functions.php
  • style.css
  • framework/admin/theme-options.php
  • framework/admin/theme-options/dashboard.php
  • templates/popup.php

Responsive for today’s modern devices

Jannah’s fully responsive design is able to adapt to any modern device and responds to swipeable content.

Intelligent menu features allow it to think for you and adapt to your device to provide the best possible experience while reading your content.


Compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), your content will be mobile-optimized and load FAST everywhere.

SEO Optimized

Jannah is a master in SEO, and has Articles and Reviews Schema that supports snippet views of longer articles.

Optimized with full Yoast SEO support and Rank Math Plugins to get more traffic from Google and BING Search. HTML SEO support is available so Search engines can detect ranking signals from certain HTML elements.

High Performance and Blazing Speeds

Did anyone say “Need for Speed?”

Jannah has stepped up speed with several advanced developments behind-the scenes to give you truly lightning page load speeds and website performance.

  • Lazy Load: Images load only when they are needed.
  • Minified Version for JS – works exactly like jquery.js, but is much smaller for production websites.
  • Minified CSS Resources – Removes spacing, indentation and comments.
  • Built-in Cache reduces DB Queries
  • Compatible with WP Super Cache, a popular cache plugin

bbPress Integration

WordPress’s best-practice forum software. You can now easily create discussion forums on your WordPress site.

It is easy to manage, quick and clean.

Pre-Skinned Demos

Jannah offers easy-to-update Skins that can be made Dark or Light.

Nearly 1,000 Font Options

You will find the right one with Jannah’s over 800 Google Fonts, and +150 Fonts.

There is nothing to install or update, everything is included.

Support for GIF

Who doesn’t love a good GIF meme?

GIFs are a key component of viral websites. You need to be able support them natively.

Jannah natively supports GIF images for an exceptional end-user experience.

Customizable Layouts

Get wild with a custom layout

You can have borders, fullwidth, boxed, boxed or just one column. Layouts will determine how your site looks. It is important to have a flexible system that allows you to move it around and adjust it to fit with your content.