Loco Translate Pro v2.4.0 – Translate Themes and Plugins Directly in WordPress [Activated]


Download Loco Translate Pro – Translate Themes and Plugins Directly in WordPress GPL Activated at GPLBase. Loco Translate Pro is not restricted to any certain platform. Developers have the ability to import and export translations in a variety of file formats, including Android, iOS, Gettext, PHP, JavaScript, JSON, YAML, XML, XLIFF, TMX, and more. TMX is a translation management system. In a single Loco project, a single set of translations can be managed across various platforms at the same time. Loco accounts are completely free, and you can begin using them immediately. Despite the fact that the free plan has some restrictions, it is more than adequate for at least a handful of small to medium-sized projects. Once you’ve completed a project, you may always remove it and continue working on another one for free.

  • Version of the file: v2.4.0
  • Updated on: September 16th, 2022
  • License: GPL
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