Magzine v1.16.1 – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme [Activated]


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Download Magzine – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Activated at GPLBase. Magzine WordPress Theme is a review and magazine WordPress theme that makes use of the free Elementor plugin, which is used by over 5 million people worldwide to create beautiful websites. It enables you to create your website quickly and easily by using a drag and drop editor.

  • Version of the file: 1.16.1
  • Updated on: August 13th, 2022
  • License: GPL (Activated)

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Changelog Magzine – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

Version 1.16.1 (10-Aug-22)

  • Update:¬†Added support for custom breakpoints in Heading, Items, Image Gallery, Show Comments elements and Gutenberg editor
  • Update:¬†Added Typography option for submit button in Add Rating and Comments elements
  • Update:¬†Added ability to display ads from the Advanced Ads plugin in the Advertisement element
  • Tweak:¬†Minimum rating error message is now shown if trying to rate below minimum value when submit button is enabled
  • Fix:¬†Error/success messages were not styled in Add Rating element

Version 1.9.1 (15-Feb-22)

  • Update:¬†Updated GhostPool Core plugin to v1.5
  • Update:¬†Improvements to UI on GhostPool Core > Settings > Templates page
  • Update:¬†Improvements to UI on Website Builder pages
  • Fix:¬†Uninstalling demos was not working
  • Fix:¬†Resetting theme settings was not clearing Template settings

Version 1.8 (28-Jan-21)

  • Update:¬†Updated GhostPool Core plugin to v1.3
  • Update:¬†Added new Carousel element
  • Update:¬†Added logged in to vote label styling options to Add Rating element
  • Update:¬†Added option to exclude terms from Tax Query settings in Items and Slider elements
  • Update:¬†Taxonomy and post format fields in Post Submission Form can now show placeholder text
  • Update:¬†Added new filters to Comments element (ghostpool_comment_list_meta, ghostpool_comment_list_text, ghostpool_comment_filters_query_key, ghostpool_comment_filters_query_compare, ghostpool_comment_filters_query_type)
  • Tweak:¬†Up/Down Voting element now shows voted status more clearly
  • Tweak:¬†Improved display of active template indicator on Website Builder pages
  • Tweak:¬†Better way of calculating user rating data if multiple users vote at same time
  • Fix:¬†WPML translated theme templates were not being used when switching languages
  • Fix:¬†Logged out users can no longer add ratings multiple times
  • Fix:¬†Logged in to vote label in Add Rating element was not displaying
  • Fix:¬†Not all popups were being loaded on pages due to conditions hierarchy
  • Fix:¬†Quick edit data not shown on Website Builder page
  • Fix:¬†Theme converter was not transferring hub and video categories to converted posts
  • Fix:¬†Could still vote on Up/Down Voting element when you do not have permission to
  • Fix:¬†Comments could not be submitted on some servers
  • Fix:¬†‚ÄúDisable Page Scrolling‚ÄĚ popup option was not working correctly
  • Fix:¬†Post Submission Form wouldn‚Äôt submit if taxonomy field was required and the default value wasn‚Äôt changed
  • Fix:¬†Release Date and Price filters were not showing in Heading element filters
  • Fix:¬†Lots of issues with comment pagination and filtering not working as expected
  • Fix:¬†Critical error generated when no endpoints added on new install
  • Fix:¬†Add Gallery post setting was not showing image previews
  • Fix:¬†Comment form label containers were still shown when no label text was added
  • Fix:¬†TGMPA class would generate error on posts in the backend for users who did not have plugin permissions
  • Fix:¬†BP Activity element would generate fatal error if BuddyPress was not activated
  • Fix:¬†Featured Item element cropping position was not working
  • Fix:¬†Theme templates in Templates Library were not working in Elementor 3.5.0+
  • Fix:¬†Theme‚Äôs BuddyPress CSS was not being loaded

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