MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium v4.9 [100% Working]


Download MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium GPL 100% Working at GPLBase. It should be simple for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It is now, thanks to this plugin.

This plugin assists you in growing your Mailchimp email list. You can use it to create attractive and easy-to-use sign-up forms, or you can combine it with any other existing form on your WordPress site, such as your contact, comment, or checkout form.

  • Version of the file: 4.9
  • Updated on: May 26th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Working without Key)
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Premium features

For slightly more advanced use cases, there is Mailchimp for WordPress Premium. It serves as an add-on plugin adding the following features.

More and better forms

Create an unlimited amount of sign-up forms that submit without reloading the page.

E-commerce integration

Know what your subscribers are purchasing, offer recommendations and recover abandoned carts.

Easy form styling

A visual interface to modify the visual appearance of your forms without having to know or write a single line of CSS code.

User Sync

Automatically update subscribers in Mailchimp when one of your WordPress users updates their profile, or vice versa.

Statistics and logging

Every sign-up attempt, whether through a form or integration, is stored locally. Data is visualized in various charts and can be exported to CSV at the click of a button.

Subscriber activity

View subscribes and unsubscribes for any of your audiences over a given time period, straight from your WordPress dashboard panel.

Auto-append forms

Automatically append a sign-up form to all posts or only those in a given category.

Post to campaign

Create a new campaign in Mailchimp from the Gutenberg editor with the click of a button.