Minimal – Client & Admin Dashboard 3.0.0 [Activated]


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Download Minimal – Client & Admin Dashboard Activated at GPLBase. Minimal is the perfect UI Kit to start your next project. It provides a clean and clear codebase.

Online Documentation File:


  • MUI Core v5
  • React-Script v5.0.0
  • Next.Js v12
  • 100% React hooks
  • Redux Toolkit & React Context API.
  • React Hook Form + Yup
  • ESLint & Prettier
  • Charts
  • Editors
  • Dropzone Upload
  • Animated Framer Motion
  • Image Lazy Loading
  • Dark/Light Mode 🌓
  • Change Color Theme 🎨
  • Right-to-Left layout support
  • Easy to customize
  • Private / Public routes (React router v6)
  • Authentication (JWT / Firebase / Cognito/Auth0)
  • Fully responsive, and works across all modern/supported browsers & devices
  • Fully documented
  • Version of the file: 3.0.0
  • Updated on: March 3rd, 2022
  • License: GPL (Activated)

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A professional React Kit that comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material-UI components that will help you to build more beautiful frontend pages.

Changelog Minimal – Client & Admin Dashboard


Mar 4, 2022
  • Add components table.
  • Add hooks useTable.
  • Add hooks useTabs.
  • Add hooks useToggle.
  • Add categories menu mobile in faqs page.
  • Add Management Invoice part (view).
  • Update User List page (view).
  • Update Product List page (view).
  • Upgrade some dependencies to the latest versions.
  • Update design file.


Feb 24, 2022
  • Support react-scripts v5.0.0 (migrate to react-script v5.0.0).
  • Update .eslintrc.
  • Update src/utils/jwt.
  • Upgrade some dependencies to the latest versions.
  • Add src/utils/mapboxgl.

    • In src/sections/contact/ContactMap
    • import src/utils/mapboxgl
  • Fix handdle alert error:

    • In src/sections/auth/register/RegisterForm
    • In src/sections/auth/login/LoginForm
    setError(afterSubmit, error)
    // to 
    { ...error, message: error.message, })
  • Update In src/layouts/dashboard/navbar/NavbarHorizontal

    const RootStyle = styled(div)(({ theme }) 
    // to 
    const RootStyle = styled(AppBar)(({ theme })
  • Change import { yupResolver } from @hookform/resolvers/yup/dist/yup to import { yupResolver } from @hookform/resolvers/yup.


Dec 23, 2021
  • NEW Add Next.JS full version for Javascript.
  • NEW Migrate all formik form to react-hook-form.
  • Add src/components/hook-form as fast field support for react-hook-form (use version 2.8.0 if you like working with formik).
  • Add vertical-layout with navbar-horizontal in settings (apply for dashboard layout only).
  • Update src/components/nav-section.
  • Update src/components/upload.
  • Update src/components/MenuPopover.
  • Update src/theme/overrides. (can copy and override).
  • Update src/theme/shadows (add value carddialog,dropdown).
  • Update src/components/SearchNotFound.
  • Update src/contexts/FirebaseContext (support for firebase v9).
  • Move src/theme/globalStyles to src/theme/overrides/CssBaseline.
  • Move components overview to next.js source.
  • Upgrade some dependencies to the latest versions.


Dec 14, 2021
  • NEW Add Next.JS full version (TypeScript only).
  • Fix /src/components/settings on Safari (Can be copied and overwritten).
  • Improve the blog.
  • Improve /src/guards/AuthGuard.
  • Improve /src/pages/auth/VerifyCode (support copy and next focus input when type).
  • Update handleLogout in /src/layouts/dashboard/header/AccountPopover.
  • Update /src/theme/overrides/Autocomplete.
  • Support external link full_version_TS/src/components/nav-section/NavItem.
  • Upgrade some dependencies to the latest versions.

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