Newspaper v12.5 – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme [Activated]


Download Newspaper GPL – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme GPL (Activated) at GPLBase. There’s an easy-to-use WordPress theme called Newspaper – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme that lets you create articles and We provide great customer service and friendly assistance!

  • Version of the file: v12.5
  • Updated on: August 5th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Using Newspaper WordPress theme GPL, you can create a great news In addition to being a top-selling theme for blogging, it’s also a great choice for an e-commerce or e-commerce-related site, such Mobile-ready and AMP-capable, it supports YouTube videos In addition to being GDPR compliant, the theme is fast, simple, and easy to use for websites in the cryptocurrency and fashion industries.

Uses best clean SEO practices and is integrated with Instagram as well as the bbPress forum system, as well as BuddyPress and Newspaper is compatible with Google AdSense and Google AdSense.

The days when you could build a website in a matter of weeks using a variety of blocks with rigid functionality are over If you choose to use Newspaper Theme, you’ll have free access to the tagDiv Cloud Library – a massive collection of elements such as sections, Your website already has everything you could possibly need. It’s just a matter of importing it.

tagDiv Cloud Library is not included in the theme’s files to keep your site as light as possible.

Changelog Newspaper – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Version 12.5 – July 25th, 2023

  • new: 5 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos):
  • new: World Matters
  • new: InsightAI
  • new: App Find
  • new: UrbanEdge
  • new: Coaching Pro
  • new: Form Gallery shortcode;
  • new: Option to use global domain on Google recaptcha;
  • new: Filter posts using “current” in Multiple terms input;
  • new: Filter posts by custom field (include/exclude input);
  • new: Search cloud template CPT support;
  • new: Archive cloud template CPT support;
  • new: Single User Reviews Form – custom login url option;
  • new: Google recaptcha will apply also on WP Register page;
  • new: Form Location Finder & Single Post Location Display – Implemented Bing Maps as an alternative API service provider;
  • new: Single Post Location Display – Added option to fill in the complete location meta from which to pull the address from;
  • new: Added support for acf date picker, date time picker and time picker;
  • misc: Improved the way posts are linked together;
  • misc: Added Highest and Lowest rated (user reviews) sorting options on blocks;
  • misc: Posts Form Submit – added the option to assign a cloud template to the newly created post;
  • misc: Posts list – new form fields (childs);
  • misc: Posts list – hierarchically sort posts;
  • misc: Update google fonts;
  • misc: Display CPT templates settings on post edit;
  • misc: Posts Form Link To Post – added the options to specify the max depth or to select the depth from which to display posts;
  • misc: Optimize fonts css;
  • misc: Form FIle Upload – Added new options to adjust the height of the input and the image preview;
  • misc: Custom Field – text cut option;
  • misc: Custom Field – set html image width and height automatically;
  • misc: Module Template Image -added border options;
  • misc: Header Main Menu – added an option to set the border radius for sub-menus;
  • misc: Single User Reviews Overall – Added the possibility to display a full breakdown of the rating (meaning all criterias and their scores)
  • misc: Module Date – options to display ‘ago’ text before and after the date;
  • misc: Custom Field – Enabled on woo products, categories and tags;
  • misc: Added term ID as class for each checkbox/radio term;
  • misc: Form Taxonomies – Added options to display the term’s custom fields, on each level independently;
  • misc: Hide button if no URL option (on all the shortcodes with button);
  • misc: Url option for Modal Popup title;
  • misc: Added the possibility to sort by user reviews rating (high/low);
  • fix: XSS vulnerability – courtesy to Automattic team;
  • fix: Stop views count for standard and cloud templates if Theme Panel option is disabled;
  • fix: Demo import php warning;
  • fix: Lazy load on Module Image;
  • fix: Error custom field on Woo Shop page;
  • fix: Smartlist template if is set globally;
  • fix: Cloud templates import not importing template options(global colors/fonts & custom svg icons);
  • fix: Show Manager settings only for admin;
  • fix: Retina image on block pagination;
  • fix: Linked posts option on flex blocks filter updated to show only parent;
  • fix: Modules cloud tpl icons/google fonts;
  • fix: Flex loop builder cpt tax;
  • fix: Prevent panel settings update(save) for editor user role;
  • fix: Php 8.1 warnings;
  • fix: Single Background Image – replaced ‘a’ tag with ‘span’ when url is not set;
  • fix: Extra class on video embed shortcode;
  • fix: Restrict subscribers to view only media library items they uploaded;
  • fix: Border size multiple values Flex Block/Loop Builder;
  • fix: Single Post Table of Contents – fixed an issue with smooth scroll;
  • fix: Flex Block/Loop Builder – fixed an issue with the modules bottom space option;
  • fix: Download the size of the avatar according to the… … set width (Single Post Author Box, Author box and Author Image);
  • fix: Scroll issue on Mobile Search;
  • fix: Search in taxonomies terms;
  • fix: Reviews system custom post types updates;
  • fix: Display hidden on desktop hides the element on the other viewports;
  • fix: Post reading time – strip all tags from post content;
  • fix: Image border radius when TP placeholder is set;
  • fix: Megamenu border radius.