NEX-Forms v8.4.3 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder [Activated]


Download NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder GPL Activated at GPLBase. The finest WordPress Form Builder plugin for generating simple to complicated forms is NEX-Forms. With numerous add-ons and features NEX-Forms is a comprehensive online form and form creation solution.

  • Version of the file: v8.4.3
  • Updated on: May 26th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Analytics that provides statistics on form views, submissions, and even form interactions! Line, bar, pie, polar, and radar charts are included. GeoLocation statistics are also provided by NEX-Forms! You may now view where your form submissions originated!

Use Math Logic to compute costs based on user selections. You can use any number of custom formulas on any number of fields!

NEX-Forms scales simply and efficiently to any platform, from phones to tablets to desktop computers.

Changelog NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX Forms v8.4.3

NEW: Added a new Math Slider Range field
FIXED: Quiz Timer settings alignment in the editor

NEX Forms v8.4.2

NEW: Added Setting to choose whether to save data to the database or not under Form Submission Options
FIXED: Multiple email issue with PayPal success payments when more then one form is present on a single page.
FIXED: Character encoding issue in user emails using MS Outlook

NEX Forms v8.4.1

FIXED: WP 6.2 Add-media button not working for Admin Email, User Email, PDF Creator and Form to Post editors
FIXED: Hidden fields recall display issues in form editor view

The most versatile WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Create any form type with the Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin on the market.

  • Contact Form Builder
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  • Application Form Builder
  • Survey Form Builder
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  • Sticky Form Builder
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  • Popup Form Builder
  • Cost Estimation Form Builder
  • Feedback Form Builder
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