Sejoli Membership Standalone 1.12.0 + All Addon [Activated]


Download Sejoli Membership Standalone + All Addon GPL Activated at GPLBase. Sejoli Membership Standalone Plugin refers to a membership program that is not connected or dependent on any other membership program or system. It is a standalone membership program that operates independently, offering its own unique benefits and perks to its members.

This type of membership program is typically offered by businesses or organizations that want to provide exclusive benefits and privileges to their loyal customers or members. Examples of standalone membership programs include loyalty programs, rewards programs, and VIP clubs.

How to register: Go to Your License and type the details like below:

how to register sejoli

  • Version of the file: 1.12.0 + Addons
  • Updated on: May 28th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Sejoli is the only Affiliate and Membership System Plugin that allows you to sell Digital Products, Physical Products, Online Classes, and Web Donations with Multi Tier Commission Features, Digital Wallet, Cashback, Reward Points, Multiple Referral Links, and 30+ Advanced Features.

Sejoli Membership Standalone 1.12.0 + All Addon [Activated]

This plugin allows you to track affiliates and conversion rates, calculate commissions, and view real-time reports immediately after conversions, among other things.

Sejoli will be the most feature-rich membership plugin and will be very Indonesian. I already do. The follow-up feature via email, SMS, and WhatsApp is my favourite. Even though we still require a third-party provider for this, Sejoli already has this feature and we no longer need to purchase a plugin.

The exciting part is that this applies not only to digital products, but also to physical products. That is, we can build our own reseller system, which is then recorded in our system. One thing is certain: Sejoli simplifies the collection of data and its conversion into profit. This is not found in comparable products.