Slider Revolution v6.6.14 – Responsive WordPress Plugin + Latest Addons


Download Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin GPL Activated at GPLBase. This Slider Revolution versatile WordPress plugin assists beginner and intermediate designers in wowing their clients with professional-level visuals. Not only will you be able to create amazing, responsive sliders, but you’ll also be able to create anything you can think.

  • Stunning visual elements such as sliders & carousels
  • Eye-grabbing hero sections that stand out
  • Whole websites that could win you awards
  • Full web pages that glue visitors to the screen
  • Rich and dynamic content your clients will LOVE

Without writing a line of code. In a matter of minutes. Using any type of media you want.

  • Version of the file: v6.6.14
  • Updated on: June 1st, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Changelog Slider Revolution – Responsive WordPress Plugin + Latest Addons

Version 6.6.3 (11th October 2022)

  • RTL environment calculate bad positions for layers since version 6.6.0
  • Fixed errors on IE11 due to update 6.6.0
  • CSTRETCH is not a function error in backend overview page
  • Dropped IE11 support as WordPress has stoppped supporting it since august 2021 and it holds back development.

Version 6.5.31 (13th August 2022)


  • Notice occurring since 6.5.30 about bos not defined

Version 6.5.18 (8th March 2022)


  • Slider editor has issues if the WooCommerce Advanced Quantity plugin is enabled
  • Hosts that do not allow connection to external servers creating longer loading times
  • Unwanted categories are shown in meta tags added to layers
  • Deleting global layers fails with console errors
  • Static layers with percentage based width or height do generate unneeded padding on mobile views
  • Google page speed warns against using unload event listener
  • 6.5.17 regression: Slider with Advanced Transitions flashes after transition.

Version 6.5.17 (23rd February 2022)


  • Added internal hook for manipulating layer positions and dimensions due to external addons


  • Changing slider dimensions is not possible if external url is empty
  • iOS Safari 15 crashes if slider has too many slides
  • YouTube video mutes again after seeking/scrubbing video
  • Charts Addon: Chart renders smaller on Safari because of browser specific bug
  • Charts Addon: Chart values are offset from position due browser specific bug
  • Panorama Addon: Poles have artifacts if image loads slow on slow

Version 6.5.16 (17th February 2022)


  • Changed notice containers in the WordPress plugin page for a better user experience


  • Editor does not render advanced opacity on layers
  • Force overflow causes layers to be hidden on mobile and to be visible on Android Chrome
  • Third party object extensions may kill the initialization process of Slider Revolution in preview mode
  • Mobile height change is not respected when URL bar height changes on mobile devices

Version 6.5.15 (31st January 2022)


  • Opening a WordPress media modal fails because the editor script overwrites the _ variable
  • Notice occurs in post based sliders, as $attr1 is undefined
  • Advanced transitions fail on websites using subdomain as CDN
  • Gutenberg block preview not available
  • Gutenberg editor glitches on mouse enter and hover
  • Gutenberg template not updating after disabling blank page
  • Slider Revolution settings on WordPress pages are stuck on the top
  • Bottom margin issues on fixed slider scroll processes where the Slider is higher than the page
  • Exporting modules with advanced transitions ignore the predefined values
  • Sometimes glitches occur in the media library after triggering dropdowns in module editor
  • Carousel height jumps when a slide comes in focus after latest update 6.5.14 and 6.5.13
  • Console logs and errors are visible in some rare cases
  • Animation issues on menu in some older templates