Smart Slider 3 PRO & 140+ Templates v3.5.1.17 [Activated]


Download Smart Slider 3 PRO & 90+ Demo Templates GPL Activated at GPLBase. Smart Slider PRO keep extensive slider collection, which includes 180+ fully configurable slider, block, and page designs, has everything you’ll need to create sliders that fit your website.

  • Version of the file: v3.5.1.17 + 143 Templates
  • Updated on: June 12th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Changelog Smart Slider 3 PRO & 140+ Templates / 2023. 05. 18.

This version was only released for WordPress, because it doesn’t have Joomla related changes.

Fix: Block themes only display shortcodes instead of sliders in WordPress 6.2.1.
Fix: Beaver Builder row duplication issue, when Smart Slider is in the row. / 2022.02.22.

  • Feature: Save Fonts Locally option to cache Google Fonts at Global settings  Fonts.
  • Feature: Images from folder generator – filename include/exclude options.
  • Feature: Instagram generator
  • Fix: Sliders in trashed group will no longer show up at the Joomla module’s slider selector.
  • Fix: Countdown layer now displays the correct icon at the Add Panel.
  • Fix: Updating from really old Smart Slider versions might caused a PHP notice to appear.
  • Fix: Stronger CSS codes for the Image Area layer to ensure proper display.
  • Fix: Vertical Text bar had an error that prevented the proper display when the Animated option was enabled.
  • Fix: Use the YouTube And Vimeo Privacy Enhanced Mode global option at the lightboxes as well.
  • Fix: Smart Slider element doesn’t work within Elementor Pro when WooCommerce is also installed on the website.
  • Fix: Weglot plugin’s language switcher appeared in page builder created sliders.
  • Fix: Mobile Firefox slide swiping didn’t worked well, as mobile Firefox won’t allow to stop page scroll any longer.
  • Fix: Better error handling for cases when the WebP support is disabled on the server to avoid PHP errors.
  • Fix: JSON from url generator on high error reporting gave ‘undefined variable’ error.
  • Fix: Dynamic slides didn’t accepted variables in color fields.
  • Fix: Joomla article generator – Joomla 4 compatibility with other extensions.
  • Fix: Joomla article generator – support for some non-latin characters in file/folder names.
  • Fix: WordPress posts generator code optimization and Elementor compatibility.
  • Fix: Slider in trashed group appeared in WordPress admin bar.
  • Fix: Device selector overflowed the Layer Window when many breakpoints were enabled.
  • Fix: n2-clear class added to the main div that contains the ss3-force-full-width and ss3-fullpage elements to make the Clear Before option work properly.
  • Fix: Joomla free update on PHP 8.
  • Fix: Smart Slider display fixed in Tatsu builder.
  • Fix: Compatibility fix for lower WordPress versions which use the classic widgets.
  • Fix: Images in folder and subfolders generator’s “order” option caused a PHP error.
  • Removed: All-in-One Event Calendar dynamic slide generator had to be deprecated due to their 3.0.0 code updates, which made their data inaccessible for 3rd party developers.
  • Deprecated: Slider’s Inline JavaScript option.
  • Other: Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!
  • Other: Google font list updated with latest fonts
  • Other: Links updated in the Help Section to point to more appropriate help articles.