Smush Pro v3.12.5 GPL – Optimize Unlimited Images [Activated]


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WP Smush Pro WordPress Plugin GPL Activated from WPMU DEV lets you optimize images, enable lazy loading, resize, compress, and improve your Google Page Speed.

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  • Version of the file: 3.12.5
  • Updated on: January 28th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)

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Get Smush Pro Plugin and bulk optimize every image you’ve ever added to your site with a single click. What you’ll get is this

  • Smush unlimited images with a click
  • Blazing fast 45 point image CDN
  • Backup original images
  • Automatic resize and scale
  • Optimize large images (no size limits)
  • Super Smush – 2x compression

As part of Smush Pro, you’ll have access to the following features, which will help you fix your Google PageSpeed issues and optimize

2x Compression

With Super-Smush, you’ll save more than twice as much money without sacrificing visual quality.

Bulk smush unlimited images

Unlimited images on your site can be optimized with a single click, and images you upload in the future will be automatically smushed

Backup original images

As an option, you can store original images as a backup, allowing you to quickly restore full-quality images at

Automatic resize & scale

Images should be “properly sized” according to Google’s guidelines, so that they fit within the It’s as simple as clicking

WebP support

It’s possible to automatically serve streamlined next-generation images (25 percent smaller) by using Smush Pro’s CDN or Local WebP

Auto-convert PNG to JPEG

Consider automatically converting PNG (without transparency) to JPEG if it reduces the file size without affecting the quality.

Compress Huge Images

Optimize large images (file size unlimited) with the one-click bulk smush wizard and save tons of storage space.

Lazy loading

Loading offscreen images can be deferred by configuring the lazy loading option. Custom loading animations.

Changelog Smush Pro

= 3.12.5 ( 2023-01-18 )
– Fix: CDN notice issue
– Fix: PHP 8.2 compatibility warnings
– Fix: Smush acting as free on staging

= 3.12.4 ( 2022-11-17 )
– Improvement: Code and compatibility improvements

= 3.12.3 ( 2022-10-24 )
– Fix: Free to pro upgrade issue

= 3.12.2 ( 2022-10-19 )
– Improvement: Security hardening
– Fix: Issues on older PHP versions

= 3.12.1 ( 2022-10-11 )
– Fix: PHP error on non-English language sites

= 3.12.0 ( 2022-10-11 )
– New: Bulk smush images in the background!
– New: 50 images limit removed for free users
– New: Better GDPR compliance by replacing Google fonts with Bunny fonts
– New: Filter on media library page to view media items with errors
– New: Option to receive an email once bulk smush is complete
– Fix: Some images incorrectly selected for resmush
– Fix: Database error while converting PNG to JPG on WordPress 6.1 Beta

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