Sngine v3.8 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Script [Activated]


Download Sngine – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Script GPL Activated at GPLBase. The best approach to establish your own social website or online community is to use Sngine, a PHP Social Network Platform. It can be launched in under a minute and has a ton of functionality. It’s quick, safe, and will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Version of the file: v3.8
  • Updated on: May 27th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Changelog Sngine – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Script

Version 3.8 31-03-2023

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] New Landing Page Design
  • [Added] Watch Module
  • [Added] Tips Module
  • [Added] Content Monetization Custom Plans Module
  • [Added] Reactions Order [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Allow Animated Images for Avatars/Covers
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Animated Images On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Games Genres
  • [Added] Discover Pages by Categories
  • [Added] Discover Groups by Categories
  • [Added] Discover Events by Categories
  • [Added] Discover Games By Genres
  • [Added] Edit Pages Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Edit Groups Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Edit Events Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Edit Games Description SEO [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Manage DayTime Messages [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] List Marketplace Posts [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Backbalze New Location [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Moneypoolscash Payment Gateway
  • [Added] Show Ads Campaigns for Non-logged-in Members
  • [Fixed] Pages Fake Generator
  • [Fixed] Bank Transfers Accept [Admin Panel]
  • [Fixed] Highcharts.js Translation [Admin Panel]
  • [Fixed] Group Cover Image Position Issue
  • [Fixed] Post Title With Feelings Issue
  • [Fixed] Super Admin Can’t Be Demo Account
  • [Fixed] Dark Logo If Not Uploaded
  • [Fixed] Advanced Search With Empty Query Links Issue
  • [Fixed] Friends Count To Exclude Banned Users
  • [Fixed] Posts limit/hours for articles
  • [Fixed] Fullname in Forums if Usernames Only Enabled
  • [Fixed] Deleting Comments When Post Deleted
  • [Fixed] Deleting Article Cover Image When Article Deleted
  • [Fixed] Pinned Post Twice Views
  • [Fixed] Promoted Jobs Not Open
  • [Fixed] Images & Videos Aspect Ratio