Uncanny Automator Pro WordPress Plugin v4.13 [Activated]


Download Uncanny Automator Pro WordPress Plugin GPL Activated at GPLBase. Connect your favorite apps, WordPress plugins, and WordPress sites. No code is required to create complex workflows in minutes. Reduce the cost of custom development and plugins!

  • Version of the file: 4.13
  • Updated on: May 26th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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Robust webhooks

The most powerful webhook support for WordPress allows security headers, arrays, unlimited nesting, and any format you can think of.

Own your data

All WordPress plugin recipe data stays safely on your site, not processed and stored by a service you can’t control.

Built for developers

Full developer documentation and code samples, plus support for running any WP hook or custom function in your recipes.

Full meta support

No token available? Automator can pull data from any user or post meta value, or even run calculations on existing values.

Unlimited usage

Set up as many recipes as you want and run them an unlimited number of times, even posting to social media and other websites.