WhatsStore SaaS – Online WhatsApp Store Builder


Download WhatsStore SaaS – Online WhatsApp Store Builder at GPLBase. When it comes to the front end of your store, WhatsStore Script can help. Using WhatsApp, you can create a catalogue and receive orders. WhatsStore PHP Script allows you to manage all aspects of your store in one place, from managing product inventories to fulfilling orders. Storefronts that are easy to manage and use are at your fingertips.

Note: This product is not activated. So do not buy until activated by our specialist.

  • Version of the file: 3.7
  • Updated on: November 21st, 2021
  • License: Not Activated
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To effectively manage both the back end and front end, there would be two dashboards. Your top and most recent orders are listed here. A 15-day order graph can be found here as well.

From traffic through various browsers, devices, and platforms, to your top URLs, this dashboard will give you a complete picture of your visitors.

All of your store’s products can be found here. When using StorGo, you have the option of viewing your products in a Grid or List. From the product’s name, price, category, quantity and SKU to the product’s description and image you can manage it all from this one tab. It can help you keep track of your inventories.

Each order’s summary can be found here. Order details, billing and shipping information, and payment status can all be found in this section. The order status can be changed here, and a receipt can be printed.

Manage your store’s website and email settings here. System settings can also be used to secure your store’s payment end.