Yoast WooCommerce Premium SEO for WordPress Plugin v15.7 [Activated]


Download Yoast WooCommerce Premium SEO for WordPress Plugin GPL Activated at GPLBase. Yoast SEO Premium helps to improve your search engine ranking. This plugin includes social previews, a redirect manager, and internal linking recommendations. Combine the power of our Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin with the power of our Yoast SEO Premium plugin. They work together to help you optimize your content and keep your shop as optimized as possible.

WooCommerce SEO by Yoast

WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress shopping cart plugins. This plugin will assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your online store via Google and social media.

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You’ll also need the Yoast SEO plugin to use Yoast WooCommerce. Both the free and premium versions of Yoast SEO are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. But if you really want to beat the competition, get Yoast SEO Premium!

  • File Version: 15.7
  • Updated on: May 12th, 2023
  • License: GPL (Activated)
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The Yoast WooCommerce Premium SEO for WordPress plugin is a powerful tool for optimizing your online store for search engines. This plugin is designed specifically for use with the WooCommerce e-commerce platform and offers a variety of advanced features to help you improve your store’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google.

Some of the key features of this plugin include:

  • Automatic generation of XML sitemaps: This plugin will automatically create an XML sitemap for your online store, which helps search engines understand the structure and organization of your site.
  • Customizable meta tags: You can easily customize meta tags for your products and categories, including titles and descriptions, to improve their visibility in search results.
  • Social media integration: This plugin allows you to easily add social media meta tags to your products and categories, which can help your store’s pages get shared and seen by more people.
  • Rich snippets: This plugin supports rich snippets, which are special tags that can be added to your pages to give search engines more information about your products, such as prices and ratings.
  • Advanced analytics: This plugin includes advanced analytics tools that allow you to track your store’s traffic and performance, and get insights into how customers interact with your site.
  • Advanced breadcrumb navigation: This plugin also supports breadcrumb navigation, which allows customers to easily find their way around your store and improve the user experience.

WooCommerce SEO Changelog

15.7 / April 26, 2023


  • Makes the SKU and product identifiers assessments available for grouped products.


  • Fixes a bug where new translations would not be translated.


  • Bumps the minimum required version of Yoast SEO to 20.6.
  • Drops compatibility with PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1.
  • Sets the WordPress tested up to version to 6.2.

15.5 January 17, 2023


  • Improves the Schema output for Product, including a fix for a bug affecting setups where prices are inserted without taxes but displayed with taxes or viceversa.


  • Sets the minimum required version of Yoast SEO to 19.14.

15.1 / August 9th, 2022


  • Makes Yoast WooCommerce SEO compatible with the new analysis edit buttons in Yoast SEO Premium.
  • Sets the minimum supported WordPress version to 5.9.
  • Sets the minimum supported Yoast SEO version to 19.5.